SARS-CoV 2 and COVID 19:

Wellness. Swimming & Co. 

Questions over questions.

Yes COVID-19, we take you very seriously. And we have thoroughly prepared ourselves for your encounter.
The wellbeing of our guests is our priority. Your safety. And this has always been the case.
You know anyway:
The SARS-CoV 2 virus is primarily transmitted from person to person via droplet infection (such as when speaking, sneezing, coughing). Indirectly there is probably a minimal, residual risk through surfaces and objects contaminated with nasopharyngeal secretions, if with the hands then e.g. the face is touched. A distance of at least one meter and good hygiene are therefore the safest ways to protect yourself against an infection, according to the WHO.
Cleanliness has always been an important matter for us, our employees are continuously trained in this regard. Together with the company Diversy we created a special SARS-Cov 2 hygiene concept. In addition to our general protocol, highly frequented areas in the rooms and general areas are disinfected with special care.
Since it is not always possible to wash your hands, dispensers with disinfectants are available in many places throughout the hotel area.
Wearing face masks is not mandatory in general, but this accessory will have to accompany you to the beauty salon and spa treatments for a while.
Will there be a buffet?
Yes, the popular buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner are ready for you as usual. Knowing how the virus spreads, why not, with certain rules of the game?
The Live Cooking Station was a bottleneck. Therefore: Your service team will be happy to take your egg specialties order for breakfast at the table in the future to serve them. Please clean your hands before using the buffets or wear disposable gloves. Disinfection dispensers and gloves can be found at the buffets.
Sauna and swimming pools are open?
Swimming is possible with an appropriate distance. This also applies to saunas and steam baths. We have the feeling that our guests have done it this way before - and count on your own responsibility.
Lawn and relaxation rooms?
Our sunbathing lawn is laid out so generously that you can enjoy your peace and the sun with sufficient distance from your fellow guests. The many rest and chat rooms also offer enough space for social distancing.
Cosmetic treatments, massage and hairdresser?
Yes, you can choose from our entire range of spa treatments. The Q-SPA team is looking forward to welcoming you.
It goes without saying that we comply with the legal requirements. But we also count on your own responsibility and consideration for your fellow guests. Thank you very much for your cooperation!