Our philosophy - 4* superior relaxation with us in Austria

Come to us, come to yourself

Arrive and "start living" and make the most of the relaxation opportunities here in Austria. That's what the Quellenhof Leutasch in the Olympic region of Seefeld-Leutasch in Tyrol stands for. We are there for our guests and are responsive to their needs and desires. For us, we see it as an important and wonderful task. Our inspiration is nature and the picturesque Leutasch valley landscapes in Tyrol.

Rest and relaxation in Austria for inner balance

Everyday life, work and family life are increasingly demanding. Many of our guests are simply looking for peace and quiet. At the Quellenhof Leutasch we create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, without tour groups or day guests at the spa. This atmosphere helps you to let go, but also encourages being active and being at one with yourself. Unassuming, authentic, in harmony with the outside world and responsive to your own individual needs. The Quellenhof was created to fulfill exactly that which we all wish for during the most beautiful time of the year. Come to us and come to yourself once again.

We look forward to your relaxing visit with us here in Austria!