Excursions from the hotel in Austria

Excursion destinations around our hotel, the Quellenhof Leutasch in Austria.
From Hall to Schwaz, from Rattenberg to Geisterklamm

The Leutaschtal region and the surrounding area offers many opportunities for hiking and attractions nearby our hotel in Austria. For example, it's well worth a drive to Hall in Tyrol, where the 45 metre high M√ľnzerturm tower can be found, the landmark of the city. Hall has one of the best preserved old towns in Austria and is even bigger than the old town in Innsbruck.

With just 400 inhabitants Rattenberg is the smallest town in Austria but this takes nothing away from its beauty. The medieval pedestrian zone is dominated by the craftwork of the numerous glass workshops.

In its heyday around 1500, the town of Schwaz was the biggest mining metropolis in the then known world. Around 85% of the worldwide produced silver came from Schwaz. This was the basis for power and politics in Europe at that time. Nowadays you can experience at close hand how more than 10,000 miners searched for silver and copper more than 500 years ago and in doing so made Tyrol one of the richest regions in Europe.

Swarovski is the biggest producer of cut crystal in the world. More than 20,000 people work for the company worldwide. The Svarovski Crystal World has its home in Wattens, a truly magical world of crystal and a place where art, culture and architecture come together as one.

Thanks to the Stubaier glacier cable car you can quickly and comfortably reach the top of Tyrol and the 3,000 metre mountains. Three sections lead up to this high mountain world at more than 3,000 metres above sea level. No matter whether you're a mountain enthusiast or a leisurely hiker, a day tripper or a climbing fan: The Stubaier glacier has something for everyone.

The Peace Bell on the outer western hills of Mösern is an impressive sight. It stands in the middle of a magnificent Alpine landscape and opens up a delightful panoramic view across the Tyrolean Inn Valley.

Ludwig Ganghofer (1855-1920) was one of the most well-known regional writers of his time. He used to spend many weeks of the year in his hunting cabin "Hubertus" in the Tillfuß meadow in the Leutasch Gaistal valley. These days, the Ganghofer Museum can be found on Church Square number 154 in Leutasch.

Just 3 minutes away from the Quellenhof is Lake Weidach, where you can go hiking surrounded by beautiful scenery. By the way, it is also mentioned in the Emperor Maximillian's fishing book from the year 1500, as the "soul of Leutasch".

Everyone has heard of ghosts, goblins and elves. Apparently they are at home in natural settings. However, only very few people can say they have seen such beings before. Right back behind the Leutaschklamm one can sense the strange and mysterious reality. This is the kingdom the the Spirit of the Gorge, who is on the loose deep below in the tumultuous castle of bubbling maelstroms and whirls. The 3,000 metre long Spirit Gorge Trail (the Klammgeistweg) follows, amongst other things, an 800 metre long footbridge. The various stopping off points provided information of mysteries, stories and secrets of the kingdom.

Unfortunately, the Klamm trail is not suitable for dogs or pushchairs. Cycling is not permitted. The trail is closed during the winter months.

Come and joins us and discover the many attractions near our hotel in Austria!